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When I draw my patterns I do a real size print out of the photograph or picture I am going to use, and I divide this into fields that will represent the different colors in the picture. The pattern is traced onto tracing paper and the color sections are numbered and matched with the fabrics, which are also numbered. Finally, each color section is traced onto vliesofix, which is a double sided adhesive that I iron onto the fabrics. 

Something to keep in mind during this step is to turn the transfer paper upside down when tracing the pattern onto vliesofix, so that all pieces are reversed, otherwise the finished result will be reversed. I also make sure that the pieces of fabric overlap each other when it is time to sew them together, so that no edges are meeting. In most cases I use cotton fabrics, but sometimes also other materials when I find it necessary, for instance black chiffon for shadows or darker areas. I have also used an old pair of red pantyhose in order to get the right red color on the folk costume in "Magnus and Anna-Karin". In other quilts I have used the remainder of a white semi-transparent curtain to create lighter areas, for instance in the little girl's face in "Look daddy, look". The only limit is your imagination. 

When all of the pieces of fabrics - attached to vliesofix, have been cut out, it is time to put them together. It is usually in this step, when you have the first overview of the complete picture, that you notice if you have picked the right colors, or if you have to redo any areas. When I am happy with the result I tear off the cover paper from the vliesofix and iron the fabrics either directly onto the batting or first together in larger sections. The fabrics are attached to the batting as I sew around all visible edges with transparent thread. In recent years I have also started to include more and free motion quilting to the finished piece in order to get a better depth and structure to the quilts. My quilts are, with few exceptions, almost completely machine-sewed. 

Compare "Summer dream" before and after the free motion quilting of the trees and parts of the lawn

For "Central Park", I have used 800-1000 meters of cotton thread, in 25-30 different color tones. 

Dont hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.