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About me

My name is Anna-Karin, I live in Stockholm and I have been doing art quilts since 2004. I made my first patchwork in a sewing class in 7th grade - a quite dull piece with hideous colors, and I promised myself to never do it again. Luckily, I didn't keep that promise, but a few years later I started to experiment with different fabrics and techniques, and once I discovered that I could create appliquéd art quilts I was stuck. 

In the beginning I focused on creating quilts using more or less famous paintings as a motif, but as I have become more skillful I have gradually shifted focus to using photographs, which I feel make my quilts more personal. I have never taken any quilting classes, but I am completely self-taught and have tried my way in developing the technique I am using today; fabric appliqués – some of them “thread painted” and free-motion quilted on sewing machine.

For more information on how I do it, see “technique”.


One of my first art quilts was a reproduction of Edvard Munch's "Scream", a quite simplified version of it. Just for fun, I made a new "Sream" version, seven years after I had finished the first one, and I don't believe it is very hard to tell which one came first...

Last updated 2014-07-30